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    Tuesday, February 04, 2003

    Not In A Coma

    On Saturday morning, my mom called me up as I was heading out for SlowKids practice. "Casey?" she asked. "I'm going to be blunt with you -- do you feel all right?"

    "Well, generally, yes. Why?"

    "Because we got your blood tests back from the health insurance company, and there were some ... unsettling results."

    My blood sugar levels -- which in normal people usually run at around 70-120 mg/dL -- were the most concerning for my mother, for they were quite low, indeed. According to the test, my blood had just 1mg of glucose per dL. Not 100, not 10 -- 1.

    "Umm, I'm pretty sure that's wrong, mom. Don't you go into a coma if your blood sugar gets too low?"


    "And I'm walking now, right? And I don't remember being in a coma when they took my blood ... not that I would, I guess."

    "Well, do you have any of these symptoms?" she asked. "Are you tired or irritable ever?"

    "Well, yes," I responded. "But I'm always tired and irritable."

    My mom called back a few days later and confirmed what everyone else knew. She said one of her friends at work said "the results they got don't agree with life." And then, I guess, the insurance company sent my family letter saying they goofed. Unfortunately, this means I also have to get another irritating blood test done.

    As for Foxwoods, I have this to say -- Foxwoods totally sucks. Not only were all the bets on table games (which are what I really wanted to play in the first place) were $25, which is way, way, way too rich for any college student's blood. And the ceilings are really low in the casinos, which not only makes you feel claustrophobic, but also holds the thick clouds of cigarette smoke at about the level of your face, for your breathing inconvenience. Mohegan Sun is the place to be.

    But, that said, I did have a very good time at Foxwoods. I ate an excellent (and very cheap) meal, had a bunch of free drinks, and caused general mischief with my friends. And when we got back to BU, driving through a torrential snowstorm, Shayna, Mikey, Christinia and I all went to Sicilia's Mob Front / Pizzaria.

    Sicilia's is very interesting, in that it really is a common ground for drunks of all types. At 2AM, all the bars close in Boston. Sicilia's is open until 3AM, and is basically at the middle of a major drunkard thoroughfare -- Commonwealth Avenue.

    You get the swank club-going drunks, the freshman frat party drunks, the Allston indie rock drunks, the secret dorm room drunks and -- starting last night -- the returning-from-a-casino-in-Connecticut drunks. Our Founding Fathers would have been proud. Then Shayna almost got thrown up on. I don't think the Founding Fathers would have approved of that. Except for Alexander Hamilton, who I'm sure would have found it quite uproarious.
    posted at 4:03 PM