Spring / Summer '01: The Year That Wasn't.

So, for some reason, I was not re-selected as a columnist for the Spring of '01. The only one of these columns that was printed was "Reading Is Fundamental." This was my "Angry Hermit Period," because pretty much all I did was sit up in my room and write these columns. They're definately more barbed than the whimsical first semester, and there are definately a few I think the DFP should have printed, but I used this semester to sharpen my pen and rethink my strategy for the next semester columnist positions.

Winter Break Correspondences

Famous Last Words In The Courtroom

I Can Pack Away A Lot More Bon-Bons Than You'd Think

Reading Is Fundamental

Puritans On Parade

Boobs, Dating, Pants

Cabbages Are Untrustworthy

A Last Grasp At Wasted Youth

Pass Me Some Of Those Balloons