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    Saturday, April 19, 2003

    Mean, Lean Comedy Machine

    Much to talk about... First, in the music department, because it has been so wonderful lately.

    Over the last week or so, I've bought 4 excellent CDs -- Fleetwood Mac's "Say You Will," Oingo Boingo's "Only A Lad," The Kinks' "The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society," and Andrew Bird's "Weather Systems." I can heartily recommend ALL of these CDs for your immediate purchase.

    I also got to see Andrew Bird perform live at a solo show in the Middle East's upstairs. It was one of the best shows I've ever seen -- his new music is haunting as hell, and his lyrics have only gotten sharper since I saw him at a rockin' free show last year at Fanieul Hall. And it says worlds about his ability as a performer that he is just as amazing solo as he is with a backup band. I also picked up a copy of his live EP "Fingerlings" at the show -- both because I knew the music would be excellent and I also knew that only 250 of them were made, which gives me unbelievable indie cred.

    Tomorrow is Easter, and I'll be meeting my grandmother, aunt, uncle, cousin and a few of her friends for some Easter lunch. I'll also probably be getting my mom's digital camera again -- since I make so much better use of it than she does. Now I can take pictures of things like Aimee and Mikey running the marathon (!), odd poses from SlowKids rehearsals, and the enormous pile of trash that's all over my apartment's common room.

    And speaking of SlowKids -- as if I haven't enough -- we had a lovely 4 hour rehearsal today, where we went ahead and gave our show another quick revision. Now, I am extremely excited about the monster we will unveil this Friday (at 9PM, Jacob Sleeper Auditorium, $3 tickets at the door and in the GSU the week of the show). It's tight, streamlined, and efficient. All the unstable material has been cast aside. Also, never before have so many sketches threatened to crack me up. Seriously. WHEN you come to see us (not IF), watch me toward the end of the show. I'm probably going to be laughing on stage.
    posted at 9:50 PM

    Sunday, April 13, 2003

    A SlowKids-Related Instant Message From Across The Sea

    A decree: 'Someone shall videotape the Slow Kids show on April 25th and then someone shall hand this video to me (legal note: 'me' as a term of this decree is defined as Mr. Jason Halpin, esq.), whereupon I (legal note: 'I' as a term of this decree is defined as Mr. Jason Halpin, esq.) will view the video and deem it 'frickin' awesome' (legal note: by being assigned the official label 'frickin' awesome', said video will thereby be granted certain rights and privileges, namely:

    (1) becoming a cult-like obsession of certain humour-devoted Boston University students and students of other universities who are connected to said Boston University students through marriage, friendship, or a lonely night in Columbus, Ohio last summer, and (2) all future handlers/viewers of said video will be required to heap further praise upon it; however, the term 'frickin' awesome', being copyrighted, may not be repeated verbatim; acceptable substitutes are 'frickING awesome' (with emphasis on the letters in capital) and 'Oh my god, I can't feel my tongue!'). Having deemed the video 'frickin' awesome, 'I' will recline in my chair in utter bliss and consume an entire bag of Funyons.'

    So, does anyone want to volunteer to tape the show for me and J-Hal?

    And, just as a reminder ... Friday. April 25th. Jacob Sleeper Auditorium. 9PM. Three dollars.
    posted at 4:18 PM

    Thursday, April 10, 2003

    Good News.

    Today, I found out I am one of the recepients of the College of Communication's "Blue Chip Awards" for 2003. Here is the description from the email I got:

    "The Blue Chip Award is given by the COM Alumni Board of Directors to outstanding seniors in each of the three departments at the College of Communication. Students are chosen by our Alumni Board of Directors based on leadership, academic excellence and dedication to Boston University."

    So basically, they pick a few awesome seniors from each of the fields in COM ("Film & Television, Journalism, and Mass Communications/Advertising/Public Relations" -- if you ask me, that looks more like 6 than 3, but whatever) and give them this award, with a banquet and hooplah and whatever. And I got it.

    That is awesome.

    So basically, what this means is that I am one of the best Television students at the College of Communication, which is one of the best communuication schools in the country. Therefore, I am one of the best Television students in the country. At least, that's the way I like to think of it.

    This should be especially interesting in my home town, where my family routinely seems to hyperexaggerate everything I do. Last semester, for instance, I was not only interning on "Malcolm In The Middle," but had written the bulk of the season so far. I was also going to exclusive Hollywood parties and hobnobbing with the rich and famous. I really like that word. "Hobnobbing."

    So anyway, that happened. In script-related news, my pilot script is being well-received, and I'm getting a lot of excellent suggestions, which will no doubt find their way into a "third draft," which in reality is probably the 25th draft. And the Slow Kids script is typed and printed, now leaving only the arduous tasks of learning lines and staging while trying to also write two research papers for lame-ass history classes.

    For some reason, people I haven't talked to in a while have been IMing me lately. It's nice. This week, both Laurel and Oz talked to me for a good while. People should do that more often, even if it's just a quick "Hey!" or a funny link or something.

    Hmmm ... anything else? Not that I can think of right now. Oh, do you have a place in L.A. for me to live? Because I need one. Soon.

    posted at 11:09 PM

    Thursday, April 03, 2003

    Direct From the COM Bathroom Wall

    A few different people apparently contributed to this piece of work on the first floor COM men's room. It proves that COM is the best school at BU.

    *for those of you who do not attend Boston University, please note that John Silber is our current Chancellor/acting President/evil supervillain. He is a terrible, terrible man. He also has only one arm.*

    "List of things John Silber Can't Do:
    1. Clap
    2. Play baseball
    3. Recognize he's a Republican
    4. Run a university
    5. Relate to minorities
    6. Box
    7. Drive stick shift
    8. Feel emotion
    9. Time travel
    10. Swim straight
    11. Play pool
    12. Jumping jacks
    13. Create or destroy energy"
    posted at 4:16 PM