Sara: This is an exterior shot of the first house we visited. Chris had some silly problem with the "knee-high" grass that really wasn't very tall, but I was able to look beyond this and make judgements based upon the house itself. The paint job was pretty nasty.

Chris: Not only did this quasi-ramshackle house assault me visually with a blotchy paint job, a glarringly new red door, and a chimney of ridiculous stature, but I was also physically assailed by a phalanx of vicious and bloodthirsty ticks who breed their heartless and Spartan selves amidst what the always forthright and forthwith Berlin Town Council would deem "knee-high" grass - which barely managed to surmount my ankles. Although I did not actually see any of these death-ticks, which our beloved Council insists are "a danger to children," I am quite sure that they were there - obviously concocting some scheme to ensnare the local youth. Luckily, though, the ticks have confined themselves to this estate alone, making it very easy for us to section them off from the human population. I am overjoyed, therefore, that the local Politburo has seen fit to assess the owner of this house a penalty for his failure to conform his property to ethically and morally acceptable aesthetic standards. This course of action paves the way for other neccessary town beautification laws, such as fining ugly people for lowering our quality of life with their very presence.

Casey: Sara wasn't kidding.  We picked this house to go to first because we heard people were selling lemonade nearby, and we were thirsty.  When we arrived on the Lemonade Scene, however, the children were running around the yard doing silly child-like things instead of selling the afforementioned lemonade.  We informed the children that this was not a good business idea.  Sara suggested that we just go and grab some of the leftover lemonade, but I pointed out a nearby sign that read : "Proceeds for Children's Hospitial," or something like that.  We didn't get any lemonade, and we were all upset.  Oh yeah, this house is right next to another house.  I'm really happy the neighbors didn't come out and ask us what we were doing, because I'm sure our answer would have been running into the car and driving away.

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