While the phrase "Media Professional" could accurately be used to describe a number of the Shenanigans scribes, the phrase "Media Professional living west of Lake Erie" only applies to this one. The only reason for someone to live in Los Angeles is to work in television, and that's what I do. I partially produce / marginally write / rarely act in a show about internet crackpots, porn stars, and homemade machines that can hurt people you don't like. It's a pretty sweet gig. In the future, I would like one of the following:

1. A hybrid car.
2. My apartment to be free of spiders.
3. An enormous sum of money so I can retire to a spider-free estate in Sonoma, where I will also drive a hybrid car.

Fun Fact! Four out of five us have, at some point, sported facial hair in public for a series of consecutive days.