"I found your website through Taftese, and just wanted to tell you it rules. No kidding. Love the pictures. You've got a fan in St. Louis." -Marisa

"all in all casey you are doing a great job of writing your columns. every week they are consistenly funny and they always contain at least two or three things i laugh out loud at... you get a gold star." -Aimee

"I love your column, it's witty and quirky and I'm just hoping I'll get the chance to say, "I knew him when ..." -Ashley

"I embarked on a tour of the "blighted" houses of berlin, and was appalled! to think that such homesteads were diminishing the land value of my own town without my knowledge!" -Brian

"hey i just wanted to say hello. i like track and field too and i hope that all is well.." -Reggie Duncan

"hi. i was trying to find this german candy store on geocities to purchase some kinder eggs for my sister who loved them when she was traveling in europe and instead i found your website. i called my roommate into the room at once. just a message to tell you that we enjoy you. and my roommate says you have great musical taste. yes yes. this is certainly random. i'm done now. we still enjoy you." -Anni and Geneveve

"casey, you are making us laugh so bad right now. actually, my friend is trying to talk on the phone and she can't" - Ella

"I just wanted to let you know that I've never read your column and not laughed. If you stopped reading that sentence early, it would sound like I never read your column- wow. No- it's damn funny, a lot smarter than any other column (cough- especially mine)..." -Alex

"My favorite moment of any column this semester was "No, Yes, Spiders." - Jesse

"This is in response to your column last week: hilarious. Once again I laughed out loud in the caf and got funny looks. It was great. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you to keep fighting the Power- the underground is appreciative of your movements. And remember, there are commies lurking in every corner, so be on guard! Why, just yesterday I was eating pretzels and someone took one without asking. Who does that?? Commies, that's who." -Lucinda

"i know your readers probably ask you this all the time, but i have to know: can i please please please have your children?" -Jen


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And here, without further ado, is the much-maligned GeoCities Guestbook. Experience the madness.

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Name :   Ryan Edward McCall
Email :   dethboy@disinfo.net
URL :   http://invasivesurgery.tripod.com
What do you think of the site? :   Love it. That's why I keep coming back. Actually, I keep coming back because of The Pantomime Horse, but that's the next question.
What about The Pantomime Horse? :   One of the funniest things ever. Seriously. I'm not just saying that because I'm a shameless ass-kisser.* *Okay, I only do the ass-kissing thing to my friends, but it's still shameless.
The Overman? :   Uhm... Do I really need to discuss Nietzsche right now? I can never even spell his name. I'll just call him "Uncle Friedrich".
Vent. :   Either I'm the first one to sign this, or I don't know how to look at a guestbook properly. In the case of the former, go me. In the case of the latter, I shall do penance later. Great site Casey. Keep it up.
Name :   Jill
Email :   wein@bu.edu
URL :   
What do you think of the site? :   it's nice
What about The Pantomime Horse? :   I miss it horribly...Every friday a tear is shed
The Overman? :   oh...the overman...I'd rather not say
Vent. :   no
Name :   Andy Taylor
Email :   artaylor@bu.edu
URL :   
What do you think of the site? :   If there weren't so many, many laws forbidding it, I would marry this website. I've never seen so many wacky pictures under one roof.
What about The Pantomime Horse? :   It's no Tea and Silk, but it still gets the point across.
The Overman? :   Well, I'm not there yet. Damn the transitory state between camel and lion!
Vent. :   Casey, please do tell us, your loyal readers, when those randy rapscallions, The Slow Children At Play, will be next performing. Next to you, they are the funniest thing in this world next to Wheelchair Barbie.
Name :   Kathleen
Email :   kathleen@bu.edu
URL :   http://www.geocities.com/piratesareneat/
What do you think of the site? :   Faaaan-tastic! I like the picture of you in the alternate dimension. You look pretty stupid, and that's funny. I like the robots.
What about The Pantomime Horse? :   I miss it. I now have no reason to look forward to Fridays. The Pantomine Horse brought me fame, as, if you'll recall, I was the winner of the "Thanksgiving Fun Fun Contest." I can truly say that was the highlight of November 2000. My superior anagramming
The Overman? :   NIETZSCHE HAD SYPHILIS! I know I misspelled that.
Vent. :   I am signing this because you told me to. If Casey Schreiner commands, I will blindly follow him. And you're in my gang, so I had to "represent." You know what's really frustrating? When you're in French I and everyone else in the class apparently knows
Name :   Sara
Email :   smmorrison@wesleyan.edu
URL :   www.bigsara.cjb.net
What do you think of the site? :   I think I was with you when you bought the book from which the pictures were taken. Also, that the Berlin Blight Tour 2000 is fantastic. Who in the world is that extremely attractive woman that walks around with you? She is damn funny.
What about The Pantomime Horse? :   It's no weekly comedy page, like some of us have, but it works.
The Overman? :   I laugh at your Philosophy-minor attempts to be elitest. I am a film major, the Queen of the Elitest Realm. So let me ask you, sir, what do you think about the Italian Neo-Realist classic Il Posto?
Vent. :   I really thought that I was going to fight a robot when I clicked on the link here, and am disappointed that instead I have been suckered into signing your guestbook. Also, try not to get sued for this webpage like you did for the last one, ok?
Name :   Justin
Email :   jfaclin@bu.edu
URL :   nonentiti.tripod.com/home.html
What do you think of the site? :   What can one say about Case Schreiner that hasn't been said before? Sure, i just had to check my email to make sure I was spelling his name correctly, but does that detract from the sheer magnitude of the awe that Casey inspires in his fellow man? Possibl
What about The Pantomime Horse? :   Hi, my name is the Daily Free Press. I print lots of inane columns by people who probably laugh at the Family Circus. I also print letters making fun of said columnists, and then more letters from morally outraged people who like the columnists and also e
The Overman? :   I prefer the Underdog
Vent. :   I agree with this "Andy Taylor" fellow. I want to know more about these "Slow Children at Play" fellows. I hear they're humorous and thought provoking. And seeing them gives you an aura that makes people want to give you sex and money, but not neccesarily
Name :   Justin
Email :   
URL :   
What do you think of the site? :   
What about The Pantomime Horse? :   
The Overman? :   
Vent. :   I would just like to complain that this website cuts off guestbook signatures without warning. I said funny stuff, dammit. That is all.
Name :   laurel
Email :   laurelr@wpi.edu
URL :   
What do you think of the site? :   nice job man
What about The Pantomime Horse? :   hehehehehe
The Overman? :   :)
Vent. :   theif of email addresses..........
Name :   Alex Taft
Email :   artaft@yahoo.com
URL :   http://www.geocities.com/artaft
What do you think of the site? :   It's no Taftese, but it is pretty good.
What about The Pantomime Horse? :   At the beginning of the school year, when Casey told me he was going to try and get a column for the DFP, I said, "Deuce, don't do that. The Freep sucks." And he said, "I know, but I'll make it good!" And I said, "No, you won't. Even with your column in t
The Overman? :   Being pretentious gets you nowhere. Have you heard the new Tortoise album? It's amazing.
Vent. :   Hey, Casey, whatever happened to that Oz fellow who used to be in Slow Children At Play? He was funniest one in that group. And the best looking. Also, I think the accusations against him were false. I mean, who doesn't grab a breast in the supermarket ev
Name :   Alex Taft
Email :   artaft@yahoo.com
URL :   http://www.geocities.com/artaft
What do you think of the site? :   I think the guestbook blows monkey cock. Here's what I was trying to say before I was so rudely interrupted by a "maximum character display."
What about The Pantomime Horse? :   Even with your column in there, the DFP will find a way to suck." And Lo! It has happened. The best thing in the DFP has been removed to return the aforementioned paper to its aforementioned level of suckiness.
The Overman? :   See previous entry.
Vent. :   I mean, who doesn't grab a breast in the supermarket every once in a while. Am I right, people? Am I right? VISIT TAFTESE http://www.geocities.com/artaft GO NOW
Name :   Allison Yantz
Email :   GingerY7@cs.com
URL :   I should get one of those... so I can be ever so cool like Casey. (Actually, I'm not being sarcastic. It just sounds that way.)
What do you think of the site? :   Excellent. I go here to get my daily dose of intelligent humor, something Berlin lacks. I love the pctures you have here. Really... interesting...
What about The Pantomime Horse? :   Hysterical. Again, refer to my comments on intelligent humor above.
The Overman? :   Umm... this is something I probably should know about, but don't. In which case I feel slightly silly.
Vent. :   I should say somethign witty, but I can't think of anything. So I feel silly again.
Name :   Ryan
Email :   strategicerror@hotmail.com
URL :   http://susa.cjb.net
What do you think of the site? :   I believe the last time I came here was during journalism class. Everybody loved the Berlin Blight Tour 2000, especially the fact that I was in it. Then they all lifted me up onto their shoulders and cheered "Ryan! Ryan! Ryan!" Yes, that was a day to remember...
What about The Pantomime Horse? :   I don't get that title - "Pantomime Horse". It confuses me. The column itself, however, was knee-slapping hilarity with a dollop of wit and a pinch of... I don't know where I'm going with this... It was funny.
The Overman? :   Is that like the oversoul? Did you know that there are literally a bajillion Buddha statues in the world? That's what Mrs. Daniels says.
Vent. :   Wow, when they said "for 'fiery' - use undiluted" I didn't think they really meant that it would be "fiery". I was thinking maybe "hot" or "spicy picante" or even "baja style" but those wings really were fiery. Ow, my poor little tongue.
Name :   Quinne Leyden
Email :   qleyden@bu.edu
URL :   
What do you think of the site? :   This site is excellent. My favorite feature of the site is the pictures section, all of those pictures are hilarious. The table dancing picture will always be my favorite though for obvious reasons. Your poetry's not bad either ;)
What about The Pantomime Horse? :   I must take credit for being one of the intelligent eboard members who made the Pantomime Horse a Friday legend. It was one of my favorite columns to edit because of its originality and intelligence. People in the office thought I was a nutcase for laughing so much!
The Overman? :   Man overboard!
Vent. :   Casey this site is a class act just like you.
Name :   Christopher Mercier
Email :   Joanr378@aol.com
URL :   I used to have one, I think
What do you think of the site? :   I'm still looking for the picture of the table dancing. How very scandalous indeed, Mr. Schreiner. Listen up - there is a Tori Amos song you must download from Napster; Siren. It is EXCELLENT!
What about The Pantomime Horse? :   I'll look for that right after the table dancing!
The Overman? :   Who?
Vent. :   Don't mind if I do AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH My philosophy rejected a rough draft of a paper of mine for being "Too Creative." So I changed a paragraph or two. Let's see if he notices.
Name :   Jeremy Bent
Email :   mechos@bu.edu
URL :   www.crosswinds.net/~mechster/
What do you think of the site? :   It's the basis for my plan to make Casey fall in love with me by constantly quoting his website, and thus win his affections.
What about The Pantomime Horse? :   Funny stuff, my friend, and sadly, too highbrow for the Freep. Mention more tits and clothing next time.
The Overman? :   Is that like the Uberman? Or the Overfiend? I have no idea. I care not for your "psychologies", man!
Vent. :   Why did the Freep take unfunny writers like Denise Spellman instead of you? Why do I not have a harem, perhaps including the aforementioned Spellman?
Name :   Brooke
Email :   brooke@bu.edu
URL :   I'm L?
What do you think of the site? :   I dig it. a ton. I miss Casey and his column.
What about The Pantomime Horse? :   CASEY IS THE BEST COLUMNIST EVER! AHHH....That disheveled hair.
The Overman? :   I like drawing Nietzche with a superman shirt on. I had this ethics teacher, who said that Nietzche, Jesus, and Plato would be friends (He'd respect their power despite having spit for their roles in overturning the meaning of good). Well, I really dug dr
Vent. :   AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name :   Brooke
Email :   
URL :   
What do you think of the site? :   
What about The Pantomime Horse? :   
The Overman? :   I was cut off...I dug drawing Jesus with a beard and sandals, Plato with a toga and leaves, and Nietzche with a super man shirt.
Vent. :   
Name :   
Email :   
URL :   
What do you think of the site? :   
What about The Pantomime Horse? :   
The Overman? :   
Vent. :   I said spit when I meant spite. I wish Nietzche spit on Jesus and Plato. hmm...maybe he did.
Name :   Dennis O'Dea
Email :   dcodea@hotmail.com
URL :   http://www.sit.wisc.edu/~dcodea
What do you think of the site? :   It's good. I came here from Taft's site, went to high school with him. It's now in my bookmark list, an place of High Honor, among such other worthwhile sites, like the drudge report and amihotornot.com. You should be proud.
What about The Pantomime Horse? :   Very funny. Keep hope alive.
The Overman? :   Nietzsche was a punk.
Vent. :   Stupid fucking English university system. Did you know you *entire* grade depends on one single test you take at the end of the year? You might as well not go to lecture, and indeed many people don't; they jsut cram in a sorta of religious, ecstatic fervor
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