I figured I should update this part of my site, as I hadn't in about a year.
Thom and me with good friend David Byrne after an amazing concert
As her final act as Editor, Quinne made me dance on a table with her. No money exchanged hands.
Me as a mailman in Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry. Although I don't look very excited here, this place was actually one of the coolest places I've ever been to.
Do you like tall, skinny German boys? Then you'd love the Schreiners. This is my brother Scott and me on Cape Cod near an ugly metal bear.
An usually nice close-up of me, taken by my brother after I was stuck in traffic for four hours in a ride back from visiting my friends Laurel and Adam in Boston. This is also the first picture of me with my careless mod hairstyle.
Me with my former roommate and all-around classy guy Joey. He is very tall.
Oz and I against a wall of postcards at Velvet's swanky Brookline apartment. Note how eerily similar we look.
The cast of Berlin High School's 1999 production of "Arsenic and Old Lace," one of my fondest memories. (L-R: Brian Tetreault, Mike Prigodich, Kevin Connelly, Joy Zigmont, Anotonio Peronace, Sara Morrison, Chris Mercier, Sarah Potanka, Me, Matt Wrobel, Jessica Linker and Matt Mercier.
Ah, my first sketch comedy troupe. This is Year Of The Sloth, at the end of their three year comedic domination of Central Connecticut in 1998. (L-R: Me, Brian Ziegenhagen, Sara Morrison, Matt Wrobel, Matt Mercier, Adam Grabowski, Chris Mercier and Adam Nogiec as Sheep.)
Wolfhaus and me at Christinia and Aimee's.
Me at the beautiful and delicious Ravenswood Winery in Sonoma.
Roommates Ben and Ian express their feelings for Maxwell House.
Me with constant compatriot Aimee Jones in front of a very distant Hollywood Sign.
Me with Crash (l) and Bubbles (r) in the old SlowKids Frat House.