Fall '01: Phoenix And Ego Rising.

"I'm back, baby!" was the message I sent out this semester. In accordance with new policies at the Free Press, my columns began focusing more on Boston University events and issues, which is both a blessing and a curse, I guess. I think this semester had a really good balance of whimsy ("How To Get Away With It," "Sometimes You Just Have To End It All") and bitchy satire ("The Secret Life Of John J. Marchaunt," "Welcome Back From BU's Secret Police"). It's also notable that this semester had my first and only (so far) "Serious Column" -- "It's Time To Make Your Mother Proud." About a sketchy rape case against Boston University. This was also the first semester I got hate mail printed (finally!), but several people were nice enough to email me complements. Someone also told me that "Press Start To Begin" made them cry -- and not because it was terrible.

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It's Time To Make Your Mother Proud

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