the official website for Boston University's Slow Children At Play, which I act as Treasurer, Webmaster and Publicity Auteur.

Sara's Site of Magic and Wonder Which Is Neither Magical Nor Wonderful

My best friend Sara's website. Even though she almost never updates it, I still always get a hearty laugh when I go there.

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My friend Ryan's page, which features a dark sense of humor and good taste in music.

Joey's LiveJournal

Self-explanatory site that my former roommate Joey keeps all his journal entries on. Highly entertaining.

Wegz Motel

The page of a fellow Anglophile and award-winning playwright. Check out the captions for her photo albums.


Hemlock of Slow Children At Play's home on the web. Features a disturbing opening graphic that you will never forget.

Pirates Are Neat

My friend Kathleen's page. Arguably the best designed personal home page I've ever seen. She also helped me figure out where the A/V Out ports were on a camera, once.

Scribble Productions

Visit the completely hand-made webpage of Wolfhaus of Slow Children At Play fame. He recently decided to become a TV major like me, and we will soon have a production company called Bent Schreiner Productions, just because the name is too good to pass up.


Ah, Taftese, the granddaddy of them all. This is the homepage of Mr. Alex Taft, formerly Ozmund of Slow Children At Play, currently Alex Taft of Comic Aftertaste. This is the site that inspired both Trounced and planted the seeds of the Pantomime Horse. Check it out.