Being as eclectic as I am (read: easily distracted), I'm apt to make some stuff that doesn't necessarily fall under one of my banner categories. When this happens, it gets to find a comfortable, modestly-priced home within the etcetera category. Then everyone's happy. Have fun wandering around the bargain-basement bin of my site.
Click the attractive title graphic to embark on the Berlin Blight Tour, a monumental journey through the most blighted properties in the picturesque small town I had the priviledge of calling home for some eighteen years. Follow me with my friends Sara and Chris in a photographic essay, complete with witty, banter-like commentary from the tour's three stars. It'll make you laugh! It'll make you cry! It'll make you get up and get something to drink! Now with photoshop-optimized pictures for faster loading times. How could you NOT go see this?
So on another lazy summer evening, Sara and I decided to try to write a story using the game The Sims, one of the most disturbingly entertaining games I've played in a long time. Click above to follow the story of "Texas" Bob and his struggles with his trophy wife Candi, an earnest woman with an irritating affinity for amateur interior decorating. I don't think this link works anymore, but I like the picture. Despite the typo.
Click here to read an inspirational letter to the editor of the Daily Free Press written by Classy Medical Student Mark Lessne. One of the funniest things I've ever read, and very much in the vein of the Pantomime Horse.