PERSPECTIVE: The Real Deal... Recharged
By Zachary Coseglia, Student Union President

Boston University! All of us at the Student Union hope your Spring Semester is off to a great start. After a little internal reshuffling of positions, we're back with a comprehensive plan of programs and initiatives. As always, the interests of you, the students, are our number one priority, and we look forward to keeping you informed of upcoming student events, soliciting your support for campus-wide causes and working to make the Boston University experience the best college experience possible.

Today, we'd like to unveil the Boston University Student Union's vision for Spring 2002: The Real Deal...recharged.

Campus Events:

Back Bay Ball: The Student Union Programming Council is excited to bring you our annual University-wide semi-formal. Held at the Park Plaza Hotel, this year's Back Bay Ball promises to be one of the largest student-programmed events for the 16th-straight year. Tickets go on sale February 9th. Check your local RHA for advanced ticket sales.

Did You Know?: A semester-long campaign to promote unity and spirit throughout the Boston University campus. The madness will culminate with the Boston University Student Union's Eight Ball Bash — a pool tournament sponsored by the Union Executive Board.

P100 Date Auction: The community service branch of the Student Union proudly presents this philanthropic night of fun! Come see your favorite a cappella groups, athletes and student leaders sold at top dollar to benefit the Samaritans. Stay tuned to a free expression board near you for more information and other upcoming events.

BUnited 2002 Campus Spring Fest: Just when you need a break most, the Student Union Programming Council — in conjunction with the Student Alumni Council — have created the biggest and best programmed series of events in the history of Boston University. Complete with Jell-O wrestling, a movie on the BU Beach and a big-name concert. You asked for it. Here it is.

Check Out These Initiatives:

Ties With City Council: The Union is in the process of creating a position to serve as the Boston University student liaison to City Hall. We're not just students — we're also citizens of Boston, Brighton and Allston. We want your voice to be heard. Come hear Councilor Mike Ross speak tonight, Monday, Jan. 29, at our first Senate meeting of the semester in Photonics 206.

Deans Luncheon: Last semester, we introduced this program with much success. The deans luncheons are an opportunity for the everyday student to sit down and have a meal with Boston University administrators. Last semester, students answered the question: "What would you do if you were dean?"

Student Affairs Liaison Initiative (SALI): The goal of this program is to provide every student group with a member of the Student Union to whom they can approach with questions, concerns or other input. By strengthening communication, we hope to better unite BU's many student groups.

Escort Week: The Student Union Safety Services committee wants your late-night journey to be a safe one. Throughout the week, we plan to increase the use and visibility of BU's Escort Service. Check out the back of your BU ID — call the Escort Service. More information to come.

Project: University Perspectives:

Over the past three months, Provost Berkey and the Student Union have discussed, in great detail, the importance of providing Boston University students with a full and enriching college experience. We've struggled to define "the thing" that will satisfy the BU student population — "the thing," as we've termed it, that the University doesn't have to do for the students but wants to do ...

The Guest Policy: The current Guest Policy was created in a very different time, under very different circumstances. As student leaders, we owe it to the students to at least try, with all our resources, to tackle the problems ever present to the BU student.

Minority Enrollment, Retention and Race Relations: The time has come for us to stop just talking about the concerns of BU's minority students. We must now be proactive. The committee is being formed. You will see results.

The Real Deal seeks to emphasize that the progress of this year's Student Union will come from small, realistic steps toward BIG change.

We encourage you to make your voice heard. Attend a Senate meeting. Visit us in our office in the basement of the GSU. Email us at We've laid the foundation for real progress, but we can't "finish the work we're in" without you.

Be part of the recharged Real Deal.