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Saturday, May 25, 2002

Summer is ... driving to Wal-Mart with the sunroof down and The Strokes blasting in the speakers. Just in case you were wondering, or if someone asked you what, exactly summer was and you were left dumbfounded.

Got a phone call from Christinia today, which was quite nice. We chatted for a bit while I was supposed to be outside helping people take the cover off of the swimming pool I never use. Seems like they got it off just fine without me.

Later, I also got a nice call from Chris, whom I will hopefully see tomorrow. We chatted for a bit about alcohol, and decided the following:
1). Hard Liquor gets you drunk the fastest. It also makes you the silliest.
2). Wine gets you "mellow drunk." We decided we could also apply the adjectives "calming" and "nice."
3). Neither of us is man enough to enjoy drinking beer, so we couldn't analyze that particular alcohol because it's so damn nasty.

On a non-alcohol related note, my Dad just called AT&T today to cancel our cable modem service. Holy Christ, this summer is going to suck. On the positive side, though, it will give me a chance to erase and reinstall everything on their computer, which really needs to be done. Their keyboard just caused a fatal system error. THEIR FREAKIN' KEYBOARD. If that's not messed up, then I don't know what is.

I also don't know why I enjoy this blogger thing so much. Not only do I constantly check on my friends' sites to see if they've updated their "blogs" as they call them, but I've also been updating mine like crazy. Maybe it's just because it's new, and there's some novelty aspect? Or maybe it's just because I like to complain about everything.

Probably the second one. Either way, I really enjoy the way this site looks now. Pretty snazzy, eh? Eh?
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Friday, May 24, 2002


After sitting at the ol' keyboard for a little while and with some help from the nice people in the Tripod web design boards, I've finally gotten the site to look fairly decent. I'll make the "official" announcement on the move soon, and then I'll fully settle into my new home on the web. I'll probably be updating the majority of the site in the next couple of days. Having the house to myself during the day is really nice.

Cool things that happened to me today:
1). I got my Candy Butchers CDs in the mail. Good Lord, Mike Viola is poptastic.
2). I had one of those Vanilla Cokes I've heard so little about. It was pretty good. They kind of just taste like Coke, with a slight vanilla aftertaste.

Because my little sister goes to the same elementary school I went to, I've been picking her up recently and seeing a lot of the teachers I used to have. Besides seeing someone who taught you things over a decade ago, it's also really weird because almost all of them are retiring this year.

Mrs. Bober, my fifth grade History/English teacher (and one of my all-time favorites) was quite happy to see me, but she mentioned that my sister was much nicer than I was. I don't remember being mean in fifth grade, but I did ascend to the high rank of class president through Machiavellian machinations, so it's possible.

I'm going to make Shayna's mix CD this week, I swear. I've been thinking about making two different mix CDs that can duel eachother thematically. Man, I'm a nerd.

I've been home three days already and I still haven't seen any of my friends. I'm going to change that tomorrow. But for now, it's Candy Butchers, Resident Evil on the GameCube and bed. Maybe some Vanilla Coke, too.
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Thursday, May 23, 2002


I've been trying to get this thing up and running and incorporated into my site for the past two days, and now I think I may have finally done it. Why has it taken so long? Because my family destroys computers.

My parents' computer, which is the only one in the house with internet access, unfortunately, crashes more often than a Pinto with a broken steering wheel and cut brakes, driving on icy roads when the driver is wearing a blindfold. Seriously.

But there's a reason for all of this. You guessed it -- the Parents. Experience the magic that happens every single time I come home from college in this following theoretical dialogue:

Mom: Thank you for fixing our computer again. You know, it's always broken. Did you sell us a lemon?
Casey: No, mom. I had it for three years and I never had a problem. All you have to do is keep it maintained, like I just showed you how to do, all right.
Mom: OK. We should be able to do that.
(( Time Passes ))
Casey: (returning home from school) Hi, Mom.
Mom: The computer's broken again. You need to fix it.

Oh well, whatever. All that matters now is that I'm 21, and I can drink and gamble like a mobster. I swear, though ... one more crash on this computer, and I'm going to have to down a bottle of wine just to cope.

In other news, I started my summer job today. It seems pretty cool, so far. All I do is call people and ask them about their automobile insurance. I get paid $15 an hour to do this, AND I get free coffee, AND I get to work with other people my age who seem pretty cool. How did I manage this racket? Because my neighbor (I call her the Job Savior) totally hooked me up. It's a night job, though, so I don't get to see any prime time TV, which sucks, but hey. What are you gonna do, right? Right.

I also have an interview at my old high school for a job as a substitute teacher. You think about THAT.
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Monday, May 20, 2002

So, this is it. I have finally become one of those kids with a web log.
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