Sara: Here is the next site we visited. A cool store used to be here but it burned down and no one tried very hard to make it look nice again. This was a pretty boring stop, made exciting only by the discovery of a long abandoned drug store that had not seen the light of day in about twenty years. Gooooo Fay's!

Chris: The blighted old Woolworth's building. Notice the lack of a building. Notice the presence of a sufficiently discouraging fence. Ok, the old floor of the former ediface isn't exactly clean, but is property not properly met with its pristine potential to be fined for the lack of prettiness? Is this my cue to place Georgia O'Keefe under citizen's arrest for insufficiently decorating a canvas?

Casey: This is the site of the burned down Woolworth's, which used to make very good milkshakes.  The store burned down a few years ago, which was tragic in every aspect except that it gave the people of Berlin something to complain about.  This is located in "La Plaza Del Infierno," so named because every store in it, with the notable (and unusual) exception of the Chinese restaraunt, has suffered a fire or serious smoke damage.  

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