Sara: The inside of New Berlin's town hall. The thing you see in the foreground is some kind of thing that helps machines probably.

Chris: New Berlin has a great need for what appear to be train car parts. The residents use them as a form of currency, much as some cultures used cowrie shells. You should see their change purses.

Casey: Well, Chris and Sara are both right here.  The foreground item is called a "Blot," and was used both as a form of currency, and as something to help machines perform their machinely tasks.  They are a naturally occuring form of iron and copper.  When he first stumbled upon them, Amada is rumoured to have said, "Yea, what is this thing?"  His fellow settlers all convened and found that there was a natural abundance of them in the New Berlin area.  Thaddius rejoiced, saying, "Rejoice, brothers!  For these things shall be used as a substitute for the American 'dollor,' which has caused so many people to be poor.  Now we shall all be rich.  Oh, and you can also use these things to help machines, probably."

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